``Help me to do it myself``

Dr. Maria Montessori

Sunrise Kidz Kindergarten System

Sunrise Kidz - Genuine Care - Consideration With Children

The Long History

Developed over 15 years

So far, we have more than 15 years of construction and development. 15 years – The number marked a significant change of Sunrise Kidz kindergarten system in
the career of education and training of next (preschool) generations.

  • An Authentic Montessori Kindergaten
  • Senior member of the American Montessori Association
  • Combine the Cambridge English Program
  • International Environment
An Authentic Montessori
Cambridge English
International Environment
Experienced Teachers
Full Nutrition
School Bus

Campus Location

Admission Procedure

4 steps for admission

Let’s look at Sunrise Kidz

The first step for children to be on the path to becoming a global citizen
Years History
Students to this day

Admission for International Program at Indochina Plaza campus

Educational Research

Learn more about Montessori method and case studies

Help me, let me do it myself

I am a Montessori teacher, have a son over 2 years old: personality, like activities and also like freedom – love. I want to start telling the story of my “nest” when my son finished watching a comic book, went to sleep. As usual, every morning my son often wakes up early in the morning […]

The fate (relationship) when mom approaches Montessori for her children

Call “Fate” Do all mothers believe in “fate”? I believe in it because the “fate” has led me to approach Montessori early education. At the first time, I was worried about what Montessori was? Why did people mention that method? After finding out, I was confused with the question “why?” “Why young children have to […]

Elements of the Montessori environment

The Montessori school always emphasizes environmental factors because children learn a language and basic skills through exposure to the surrounding environment. So creating a child with a learning environment where enhance freedom but having order and clear structure are still necessary. Besides, the learning environment must always be clean, brings high sociability and towards natural […]