An Authentic Montessori

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What is an Authentic Montessori?

Montessori is an educational philosophy based on the research results of Dr. Maria Montessori to help children develop according to their own abilities. One of the easiest ways to understand Montessori is to listen to the language Montessori educators use to encourage independence and promote children’s critical thinking. This method is based on the observation that children have a natural love for learning that is motivated by their desire to understand and explain the world around them. The purpose of the Montessori education platform is to nurture the needs and interests of each child and help children expose and develop the available potential.

This method of education focuses on five main subjects: practical life skills, sensory development, logical mathematics, language and writing, science and culture.

Practical Life

Children will learn how to take care of themselves, their surroundings as well as their behavioral skills, sharing, responsibility, good habits at work and especially independence in their own thoughts and action. At the same time, the “Practical Life” exercises will give them “mature” experiences.


Sensory development lessons will help children be able to observe and coordinate information by specifying their 5 senses.


The process of experiencing with practical mathematical tools will develop the logical-mathematical thinking of the children. This activity stimulates children to learn math with pleasure, explore and discover. In addition, children will start building the foundation of “analysis and experience” in detail and abstraction of magical numbers.


Language lessons focus on developing children with the most basic skills such as speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. According to the Montessori methodology, before learning words, teachers helped children acquire a large volume of vocabulary through the discovery of real objects or sharp, specific illustrations. The process of learning letters through touch and vision stimulates the brain, helping children remember letters faster and longer.


This course will nurture children with love and respect for life and cultural diversity around the world. By taking children to explore geographic regions, historical stories, physical experiments and basic knowledge of life science, children will gain an overall awareness of the world around them.

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