Introduction about Kindergarten

Open Letter

Dear parents and children!

Established in 2003 with the first facility at 21-23 Hàng Bun, then moved to the location 16 Hang Than, Hanoi; Sunrise Kidz is the first bilingual school in Hanoi to adopt Montessori-style educational methods based on US standards, a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS-American Montessori Society), a strategic partner of the school. West Side Montessori School New York (WSMS). So far we have more than 15 years of construction and development. 15 years – The number marked a significant change of Sunrise Kidz preschool system in the career of education and training of preschool generations. Sunrise Kidz has become a pioneer in applying information technology in connecting parents and schools. The quick and smooth coordination between the school and parents will help the children’s learning efficiency be updated continuously and significantly improved. Over the past 15 years, teachers, students and the Board of Directors of Sunrise Kidz preschool made for Vietnam education in general and Hanoi city, in particular, has been proved and widely recognized. Sunrise Kidz has become a prominent name, always receiving believe and love as well as trust from parents who have had and are having children at this kindergarten. With the principles of the advanced Montessori teaching method in the world, combined with the intensive English program but still maintaining the Vietnamese national cultural identity, we hope to continue to be a wise choice for parents to send our children and cultivate future talents for the country. We are happy to welcome you to Sunrise Kidz – the second home full of love and knowledge for children!

Chủ tịch Hoang D. Quan: Chairman Hoang D. Quan


Have a clear vision from the inception with the aim of becoming a non-public school with the use of American Standard English and the application of the an authentic Montessori methodology but still retain the national identity of Vietnam.


Create a high-level educational environment with the motto “Genuine Care – Take care of your children” and a program of applying authentic Montessori methodology to ensure the comprehensive development of children emotionally and physically, intellect and society


Build quality for each child towards a better society. Sunrise Kidz focuses on discipline and human values so that children learn responsibility, self-awareness and know how to own themselves.



Building an attractive learning environment is a factor that the school always focuses on. Each Sunrise Kidz facility is invested in different designs, an effective learning space with standard Montessori teaching tools; separate eating areas clean and airy; the open-air play area with many continuous movement toys will help the child to exercise every day; relaxing reading space; and is your shelter so you can be quiet in your own world


The specialized Montessori teaching tools here all meet the AMS standard and import 100% from the US to provide the best teaching effectiveness for children. In the current market, there are many companies that produce Montessori teaching tools, but Sunrise Kidz still selects imported tools because each of the tools has its own characteristics such as weight, paint water of the wood also greatly affects to the health and learning outcomes of children


The school builds a healthy diet and prioritizes the outstanding development through research and menu on each month based on the standards of the Nutrition Council of the school, ensuring balance between the substance groups, Calories, and various dishes combining Asian – European, with menus that do not overlap main dishes within 3 months. Since then stimulates the ability to eat and explore the culinary culture of Vietnam and the world.