Characteristics of Montessori method

Through many studies on Montessori by the association AMI (International Montessori Association) and AMS (American Montessori Society), we need to recognize the five characters of the Montessori method as follows:

1, Mixed Ages Class

Usually Montessori class will have children from 2.5 or 3 years to 6 years old. With this class model, older children can help and guide younger children, at the same time the younger children quickly get used to the preschool environment, especially when the new one enters. Through it, older children will train themselves to be sociable, help others, while younger children become flexible and active while playing.

2, Children choose activities by themselves (Since these activities are planned in advance by teachers)

The plan was originally set up by teachers and how the children are active in making that plan. The diversity in the actual plan makes children feel more excited about the new activity while increasing their accumulated knowledge. When they are self-selected, they choose what they like to do the most so that they and their parents can see what their strengths are, thereby promoting or adjusting their actions. Activeness in choosing activities also helps encourage the activeness and creativity of children.

3, Children are not interrupted or disturbed during the ‘work’ process

One of the goals of the Montessori method is to teach children to concentrate. This is one of the skills that play a fundamental role in learning but is often ignored in traditional schools. A Montessori class is designed to not interrupt the child’s concentration when moving to a new lesson, while not completing the old lesson. When children go home, parents should not interrupt when they are doing something. Let children do it step by step, even though it is slow at the first stage.

4, Listen – forget, look – remember, do – understand

When you start to let your child contact with a new thing and if you simply tell your child, then knowledge will hardly anything left in your child’s brain. At this age, children are very active and forgetful, when parents remind children about any matters, they will forget about it later. When applying the Montessori method, children will receive knowledge through direct practice so that they can understand the problem in the most detailed way. At the International Montessori Preschool (MON), the child will be practiced through tools designed by Maria Montessori to understand what children are learning and can do by themselves when they are at home.

5, Studying is playing and Playing is studying

When studying in the Montessori method environment, children will acquire knowledge through playing activities. These activities are carried out together with objects and tools that specifically designed for children, both in size and ability to support their objects. Through this object, children play together with others and learn from others. They learn to recognize shapes, words, animals or colors. These items for children are imported from Montessori International Kindergarten from abroad with prestigious product materials, ensuring health for children.

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