International Program


Foundation for children who prepare to enter international school and study abroad

Sunrise Kidz’s curriculum is designed and applied according to Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy. The program is built between three important factors including:

+ Creating a language foundation

+ Developing mathematical logical thinking

+ Starting a passion for learning and inspiration

As for the International Program (IKP), at Sunrise Kidz, children will be well prepared to go to the international elementary schools or study abroad in the future.

Typically, the youth program is the International Baccalaureate Kinder Prep program, which helps children to have more forms of exchange and improve knowledge in class discussions, scientific experiments, and creativity training, oral examination, etc…, help improve study skills and study in many ways.

The experienced homeroom teacher who teaches at many different international schools in the world will bring a welcoming, friendly and culturally diverse environment for children. Research from Cambridge University points out that early exposure to English has many advantages in developing the child’s ability to think language and expression. Approach in preschool age through exciting subjects helps children penetrate the second language naturally.

At Sunrise Kidz, we care about the diversity of culture and ethnicity. International parents place trust in the international learning environment and guide their children to follow higher levels at international schools and study abroad.

The Sunrise Kidz bilingual program has been developed on the Montessori methodology of education in the US since 2003. The generations of students who have graduated and have been studying at international schools and schools (ISHCMC, UNIS, Hanoi Academy, Olympia, Hanoi Amsterdam, Doan Thi Diem …) or study abroad in many countries around the world.

This educational approach focuses on 5 core subjects: practical life skills, sensory development, mathematical logic, language and writing, science and culture according to the American Montessori Society standards. Sunrise Kidz has become the first member of AMS in Vietnam market to apply the most authentic Montessori standard.

The bilingual program emphasizes the English language exposure program for children from preschool age through subjects, activities that create lots of excitement for children, to help children absorb language naturally. 45-minute daily English program with foreign teachers and the Cambridge standard program is the environment for the most comprehensive bilingual development.

Art and extracurricular programs are designed to stimulate artistic sensibility and express emotions in a variety of ways based on research from the standard art program with the American Montessori Society, New York.

Annual cultural festivals and performances are organized to create a playground for children to participate in and enjoy the arts such as Halloween, Christmas, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, graduation ceremony, Thanks Giving …

Practical Life

Children will learn how to take care of themselves, their surroundings as well as their behavioral skills, sharing, responsibility, good habits at work and especially independence in their own thoughts and action with mature experiences


Sensory development lessons will help children be able to observe and coordinate information and specify when using their five sharp senses.


Language lessons focus on developing children such as speaking, reading, writing and grammar and language thinking. Before learning words, teachers helped children acquire a large volume of vocabulary through the discovery of real objects or sharp, specific illustrations. The process of learning letters through touch and vision stimulates the brain, helping children remember letters faster and longer.


The process of experiencing with practical mathematical tools will develop the logical-mathematical thinking of the children. This activity stimulates children to learn math with pleasure, explore and discover. In addition, children will start building the foundation of “analysis and experience” in detail and abstraction of magical numbers.


Nurture children in love and respect for life and cultural diversity around the world. By taking children to explore geographic regions, historical stories, physical experiments and basic knowledge of life science, children will gain an overall awareness of the world around them.


The bilingual program is a prerequisite for preparing children have an exposure to international environment.

Curriculum Objectives

Focus on creating a friendly, considerate and high quality environment

Curriculum Information

Study time: 7:30 – 4:30

Rate of children/teachers: 7:1

Limit students / classes: 18 students

Age: 2 – 6 year old

Classroom area: 55m2

Shuttle bus: Register with the school on the route, with the teacher accompanying

Main subjects: Montessori, STEM, performing arts, physical education, language thinking (details)


Chi tiết chính sách học phí vui lòng tra cứu tại đây


The food is carefully selected, fresh with providing fresh food daily and processed at the facility according to food safety and hygiene standards. Dining room separate from classrooms create a clean and comfortable space for children to explore the culinary world

Meal and the meat of each student have enough all types of nutrient to maximize children’s development:

  • Protein: a balance between animal and plant protein groups
  • Starch: Starch and grain groups, beneficial cereals
  • Fiber and vegetables: rich, diverse and suit to children’s palate
  • Vitamins and minerals: Provide all necessary vitamins and minerals
  • Fresh milk: TH True Milk fresh milk daily

The diversity in nutrition not only reflected in the diversity in ingredients, spices and processing but also about the enjoying culture and feel cuisine. At Sunrise Kidz, children will experience the traditional Vietnamese, regional and Western cuisines. Thereby stimulating the ability to discover and feel the taste of children.

Sample Menu


Parents please visit the school with your child and experience Sunrise Kidz