The fate (relationship) when mom approaches Montessori for her children

Call “Fate”

Do all mothers believe in “fate”? I believe in it because the “fate” has led me to approach Montessori early education. At the first time, I was worried about what Montessori was? Why did people mention that method? After finding out, I was confused with the question “why?” “Why young children have to serve by themselves like get a chair, get food, wash their hands, take off shoes…?”. And finally, I decided to send my child to Sunrise Kidz in Phung Chi Kien, the first Montessori kindergarten in Hanoi, seeing many mothers reviewing this kindergarten even though they were not 3 years old yet.

I also have to study, learn new things to develop with my children. The children study at kindergarten, and mother also learned through searching about the kindergarten’s Facebook, through the words of children. And after a week of school, my son was very happy to come home to share stories like “Today, I could roll up carpet like this” then he took the carpet to roll it up for his parents and grandparents to see. Week 2, week 3… Each week my son experience many different things. And after 5 months, the son was self-motivated in some personal activities: Wash his hands before eating, eat himself, fold his own clothes, get dressed, wear shoes, go to the bathroom by themselves.

I remember one time when I picked him up from the kindergarten, he ran to me showed me about the bag of vegetables that he had picked up during the lesson with Montessori teaching tools. He said, “Mom go home and cook soup with these vegetables for me. It’s so delicious.” I looked at his satisfied smile and could understand how he happy was when he had received such results. I have so many interesting and very moving stories of him too. Thank you Sunrise Kidz for giving my son a caring learning environment for my son to be more independent and express himself more. Every mother wants their children to be as independent as their friend ‘Kem’.If you think so, try to find it out, just like FATE

Huyen – Kem’s mother at Trang An branch

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